The SmokeTip e-Cigarette Offers Longer Lasting Cartridges and More Flavor Varieties

The SmokeTip e-cigarette should be considered one of the leaders in the e-cigarette industry. That’s because they provide some features that ultimately save you money. And, for those who get tired of the same e-cigarette flavors, the brand provides a much wider variety that keeps evolving.

The Cartridge

SmokeTip’s major plus in their e-cigarette is in the high capacity of the cartridge that’s sometimes a user concern in other e-cigarette brands. This cartridge gives you the equivalent of 250 puffs per unit, which is extremely long lasting. Ultimately, you’ll save money by not having to replace the cartridge that often, even if it depends on how much it’s used.

Built-In Atomizers

Another plus is that the atomizers that help create the vaporized nicotine are built into the cartridges. This kind of consolidation helps considerably in money saving when constant replacement of atomizers can be quite expensive. Here, the atomizer detects exactly how much you inhale so the provided vaporized nicotine will be perfectly measured.

Battery Power is Extensive

You receive two batteries with your starter kit so you likely won’t have to replace those in a lifetime. And one battery is made to last for years. A charger also comes with the product so it can charge when you’re traveling as conveniently as you do with your cell phone.

A Full Offering of Flavors

SmokeTip provides 21 flavors that are embedded into the cartridges. You have about every flavor you can imagine, including standard menthol or the appealing taste of coffee. However, you can even acquire fruit flavors like apple, peach, or watermelon. And don’t miss the chocolate flavor if you also have a sweet tooth.

All of these flavors come in degrees of potency. It goes all the way up to 16 mg for the fullest flavor. Or, you can choose to have no nicotine at all. No matter if you choose the fullest flavor, the company promises a more subtle taste that isn’t overwhelming.

Recently, they added a few other new flavors that might be appealing to those with more eclectic tastes. Some of these include pineapple and cinnamon flavors.

You can find many user reviews for SmokeTip at The site also features reviews and testimonials for many other brands.

Yes, it’s worth looking into the this brand because of the budget-friendly aspects and the care they give to evolving their product based on trends and customer opinion. They also promote heavily on social media where you can interact with them.


University of Illinois at Chicago to Study How Young Adults Use Electronic Cigarettes and Similar Products

The federal government has announced $2.3 million in funding for a major study on how young adults in the United States use electronic cigarettes and other new tobacco products. Researchers will examine all aspects of consumption and work to develop new ways to deliver messages to young people about these products.

The study will be conducted by the Institute for Health Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). It is designed to follow more than 200 adults ages 18 to 30 who regularly use non-cigarette tobacco products including electronic cigarettes, hookahs, and smokeless tobacco. They will be asked to keep an electronic diary of their daily consumption. Among the questions investigated will be the motivation for using these products, the manner in which they are used, and their role in increasing or reducing tobacco dependence. Subjects will be asked if they use these products in conjunction with regular cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs. They will also be asked if they are used as a style statement or as an aid in quitting cigarette smoking. Support for the study is being provided by the National Cancer Institute, one of the National Institut es of Health.

The findings should be valuable given concerns about smoking among young adults. “Young adults are a big market for tobacco companies, as they are often willing to try new products and experiment in a variety of settings,” says Robin Mermelstein, the principal investigator for the study and a professor of psychology at UIC. She hopes that one result of the study will be insights into developing compelling visual messages for young adults that can be conveyed through smartphone applications with factual information about how these products are harmful or helpful.

If you’re interested in electronic cigarettes, contact us to find out more. We provide honest information to help you find the best product for you.

Using Electronic Cigarette Reviews To Help You Purchase A Great E-Cig

Knowing what electronic cigarette is right for you can be difficult, especially if you have never used one before. One of the best ways to do research on the electronic cigarette models currently available is to look at its corresponding electronic cigarette reviews. A review can help give you an inside perspective on what a person who used the product thought of the experience, which is a step beyond simple manufacturer details.

Good electronic cigarette reviews avoid being biased or overly promotional. According to SALON, “Read all the pertinent reviews, both positive and negative. Each review is valuable because it may bring up a point about the product that was not mentioned in other reviews.” While it is alright to highlight the specific disadvantages and advantages of a particular electronic cigarette model, avoid reviews that are obviously on one side of the issue.

Look for explicit details about how the electronic cigarette performed after constant use. Avoid reviews that are based upon only the first experience using the product. Long-term performance is important because factors such as battery life and vapor production can decrease over time. Also, it is important to get an idea of how long the electronic cigarette will last, since some models can have defects that cause them to break over time.

Flavor selection and design aspects are also important factors to look for in electronic cigarette reviews. Some brands of electronic cigarettes will have flavors with multiple nicotine strengths available, some with no nicotine at all. This strength variance can help you adjust accordingly to your previous nicotine tolerance while allowing yourself to slowly wean yourself off the drug overtime. This is where products such as nicotine patches and gum fail, because they don’t allow you to specifically control your dose reduction. A good flavor selection is also important for your own experimentation purposes when trying to find a good vapor taste for you.

Share your experience about electronic cigarettes

I recently decided to read some electronic cigarette reviews. There are so many review sites out there and the bad thing is that most of them are just pushing certain brands and don’t even have real reviews! There was one site that really stood out of the crowd.

The website has over 1,500 electronic cigarette reviews and gives each visitor the opportunity to write a review describing their own experience with any e-cigarette device they have used. Therefore it is very possible that the brand you’re looking to purchase is listed with many reviews.For blu cigs they have over 250 reviews! Awesome.

If reviews for a certain brand are to your liking then I would say go ahead and purchase that brand. If they aren’t what you had thought, continue reading the reviews posted until you find an e-cigarette that has received mainly positive reviews and connects with you.

On that review website consumers not only vent their opinion of the product they purchased, but are also assisting other individuals during their buying process too. If you’ve purchased an e-cigarette kit recently or even a few months ago, stop in and write your review too.

Overall blu cigs has 4 out of 5 stars  – not bad and I think it is a fair assessment.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

As you may or may not know, e-cigarettes are tobacco free devices creating no tar or mess while using them. E-cigarettes are basically electronic nicotine delivering systems. The e-cigarette device uses flavored nicotine liquid to deliver nicotine and calm cravings. Simply inhale on the e-cigarette device, like a traditional cigarette and exhale the vapor. Since e-cigarettes do contain nicotine, an addictive substance, only adults who are age eighteen or older should use or purchase them. E-cigarettes are useful in cutting the rising costs of traditional smoking. If quitting has always been a thought, e-cigarettes do offer graduated levels of nicotine all the way down to zero nicotine.

Baseball and Electronic Cigarettes

As you know I really love Baseball and I wish that my favorite e-cigarette brand was to sponsor my baseball team. You think that it totally unrealistic … think again! Check this out: blu cig sponsored NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Mike Bliss in a Memorial Day weekend race.

That would be so cool! And then they would even allow me to vape my ecig in the stadium … – …. yes – I am a dreamer!

Refilling my Blu Cig

Just wanted to let you all know that I recently started to refill my blu cig cartridges with e-liquid from Johnson Creek. It is cheaper and I get to try out all the different flavors Johnson Creek offers.

Basically you just remove a little tip from the cartridge, then drip e-liquid into the cartridge, and then close it off again. It is easy although it feels like I am doing something illegal – hahahaha!

How does the size of the Blu Cig compare to others?

My co-worker bought a Green Smoke electronic cigarette and I was surprised to see how big it is. He thinks that it is all Green and good for the environment  because the butts won’t litter anymore. I don’t know about that. First of all smokers should not throw away those butts anyway and then the cartridges are throw away …

Anyway, the GreenSmoke ecig is bigger than my blu cig. It is heavier as well and I don’t like the vapor that much. It does not feel that good. Not sure how to describe it … Here is a pic comparing the two but also with a regular tobacco cig: (he gave me an old battery with a bloog cartridge)

Green Smoke on top, blu in middle, and regular cig on bottom

I found a great site that offers many electronic cigarette reviews. The reviews are actually from folks like myself and not by them – seems more trustful. If you want to read a lot of reviews about blu then take a look. They also had a great blu cig coupon. GreenSmoke reviews do not seem to be that popular.

BTW, Green Smoke is what they call a 2 piece model because atomizer and cartridge are combined. It seems to be more wasteful but kind of nice too. I will need to read more about that.

Smoking my Blu Cig at a Baseball Game

I have been very busy and it has been a while since I posted something. Finally here is an update.

I still smoke my blu cigs and have left all the Camels behind. Those who know me know that I love Baseball. So when I recently went to a game I brought my ecig with me. So far I never smoked it in crowded public placed.Only like outside a bar or in a parking lot or so. People that notice it certainly ask you a lot of questions but since it is outside nobody complaints.

At the Baseball game it is different: there a many people around you, many non-smokers, and of course kids as well. Now here is the great thing I forgot to mention to you: the LED that lights up when you inhale is blue – not red. So it does not look like a real cig at all! Big Advantage!

Anyway, I started vaping and of course I kinda looked around to see reactions. Most people that noticed it looked very confused and then someone must have just seen the vapor and yelled put that cigarette out you a#!@hole. There was no point in explaining what this is about and ruining everyone’s game experience. So I just put it away and forgot about it 🙂

Maybe in a few years everyone will know about it and it will be accepted ….

And I’ve got the blus for you …

I bought my mom a blu cig as well! I had to order more cartridges so I thought Christmas is coming up and why not give her an electronic cigarette. She is not a tech wiz (fairy) but this little is not a computer or an iPod. It is easy to use – probablyless complex than a toaster.

Ok, and I found a great blog site that talks about the FDA, government, and the big tobacco. It really makes you think. Check it out, it’s called The Rest of the Story.