As you know I ordered a blu cig starter kit and I guess it is very popular because it was on backorder. So finally after little more than 2 weeks I got it. And here is how it looks like:

It is just a little larger than a regular cigarette and a little heavier as well. It comes with the atomizer, cartridges, two batteries, and a little pack that looks like a cigarette pack. It can charge your blu cig on the go! Pretty cool!

So I charged it all up and started puffing or vaping as they say as well. It is really kinds fun and I promised to myself to never go back to those sticky Camel cigarettes! Why would anyone name a cigarette brand Camel in the first place???

My new little gadget gives me a pretty good throat hit and now I actually puff it in front of my computer. But wait, should I really do that? I don’t want to smoke more. Ok, discipline: let’s continue to smoke (sorry vape!) outside. I get fresh air, a little walk, and time away from my computer!

More to come …


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