I have been very busy and it has been a while since I posted something. Finally here is an update.

I still smoke my blu cigs and have left all the Camels behind. Those who know me know that I love Baseball. So when I recently went to a game I brought my ecig with me. So far I never smoked it in crowded public placed.Only like outside a bar or in a parking lot or so. People that notice it certainly ask you a lot of questions but since it is outside nobody complaints.

At the Baseball game it is different: there a many people around you, many non-smokers, and of course kids as well. Now here is the great thing I forgot to mention to you: the LED that lights up when you inhale is blue – not red. So it does not look like a real cig at all! Big Advantage!

Anyway, I started vaping and of course I kinda looked around to see reactions. Most people that noticed it looked very confused and then someone must have just seen the vapor and yelled put that cigarette out you a#!@hole. There was no point in explaining what this is about and ruining everyone’s game experience. So I just put it away and forgot about it 🙂

Maybe in a few years everyone will know about it and it will be accepted ….


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