My co-worker bought a Green Smoke electronic cigarette and I was surprised to see how big it is. He thinks that it is all Green and good for the environment  because the butts won’t litter anymore. I don’t know about that. First of all smokers should not throw away those butts anyway and then the cartridges are throw away …

Anyway, the GreenSmoke ecig is bigger than my blu cig. It is heavier as well and I don’t like the vapor that much. It does not feel that good. Not sure how to describe it … Here is a pic comparing the two but also with a regular tobacco cig: (he gave me an old battery with a bloog cartridge)

Green Smoke on top, blu in middle, and regular cig on bottom

I found a great site that offers many electronic cigarette reviews. The reviews are actually from folks like myself and not by them – seems more trustful. If you want to read a lot of reviews about blu then take a look. They also had a great blu cig coupon. GreenSmoke reviews do not seem to be that popular.

BTW, Green Smoke is what they call a 2 piece model because atomizer and cartridge are combined. It seems to be more wasteful but kind of nice too. I will need to read more about that.


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