I recently decided to read some electronic cigarette reviews. There are so many review sites out there and the bad thing is that most of them are just pushing certain brands and don’t even have real reviews! There was one site that really stood out of the crowd.

The website has over 1,500 electronic cigarette reviews and gives each visitor the opportunity to write a review describing their own experience with any e-cigarette device they have used. Therefore it is very possible that the brand you’re looking to purchase is listed with many reviews.For blu cigs they have over 250 reviews! Awesome.

If reviews for a certain brand are to your liking then I would say go ahead and purchase that brand. If they aren’t what you had thought, continue reading the reviews posted until you find an e-cigarette that has received mainly positive reviews and connects with you.

On that review website consumers not only vent their opinion of the product they purchased, but are also assisting other individuals during their buying process too. If you’ve purchased an e-cigarette kit recently or even a few months ago, stop in and write your review too.

Overall blu cigs has 4 out of 5 stars  – not bad and I think it is a fair assessment.


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  1. akismet says:

    I assume you’re trying these things to try to quit smoking. My wife recently tried one (not sure what the brand was) but came away unsatisfied.

    But, she was able to pretty successfully quit cold turkey through two hypnotherapy sessions. The same type of sessions that Giant’s manager Bruce Bochy used to quit his chewing tobacco habit before the 2011 season.

    I’d suggest you look into that route. She really enjoyed the sessions and they really seem to have worked. And she had tried everything (gum, pills, the chantix, electronic cigs, etc).