Knowing what electronic cigarette is right for you can be difficult, especially if you have never used one before. One of the best ways to do research on the electronic cigarette models currently available is to look at its corresponding electronic cigarette reviews. A review can help give you an inside perspective on what a person who used the product thought of the experience, which is a step beyond simple manufacturer details.

Good electronic cigarette reviews avoid being biased or overly promotional. According to SALON, “Read all the pertinent reviews, both positive and negative. Each review is valuable because it may bring up a point about the product that was not mentioned in other reviews.” While it is alright to highlight the specific disadvantages and advantages of a particular electronic cigarette model, avoid reviews that are obviously on one side of the issue.

Look for explicit details about how the electronic cigarette performed after constant use. Avoid reviews that are based upon only the first experience using the product. Long-term performance is important because factors such as battery life and vapor production can decrease over time. Also, it is important to get an idea of how long the electronic cigarette will last, since some models can have defects that cause them to break over time.

Flavor selection and design aspects are also important factors to look for in electronic cigarette reviews. Some brands of electronic cigarettes will have flavors with multiple nicotine strengths available, some with no nicotine at all. This strength variance can help you adjust accordingly to your previous nicotine tolerance while allowing yourself to slowly wean yourself off the drug overtime. This is where products such as nicotine patches and gum fail, because they don’t allow you to specifically control your dose reduction. A good flavor selection is also important for your own experimentation purposes when trying to find a good vapor taste for you.


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