The SmokeTip e-cigarette should be considered one of the leaders in the e-cigarette industry. That’s because they provide some features that ultimately save you money. And, for those who get tired of the same e-cigarette flavors, the brand provides a much wider variety that keeps evolving.

The Cartridge

SmokeTip’s major plus in their e-cigarette is in the high capacity of the cartridge that’s sometimes a user concern in other e-cigarette brands. This cartridge gives you the equivalent of 250 puffs per unit, which is extremely long lasting. Ultimately, you’ll save money by not having to replace the cartridge that often, even if it depends on how much it’s used.

Built-In Atomizers

Another plus is that the atomizers that help create the vaporized nicotine are built into the cartridges. This kind of consolidation helps considerably in money saving when constant replacement of atomizers can be quite expensive. Here, the atomizer detects exactly how much you inhale so the provided vaporized nicotine will be perfectly measured.

Battery Power is Extensive

You receive two batteries with your starter kit so you likely won’t have to replace those in a lifetime. And one battery is made to last for years. A charger also comes with the product so it can charge when you’re traveling as conveniently as you do with your cell phone.

A Full Offering of Flavors

SmokeTip provides 21 flavors that are embedded into the cartridges. You have about every flavor you can imagine, including standard menthol or the appealing taste of coffee. However, you can even acquire fruit flavors like apple, peach, or watermelon. And don’t miss the chocolate flavor if you also have a sweet tooth.

All of these flavors come in degrees of potency. It goes all the way up to 16 mg for the fullest flavor. Or, you can choose to have no nicotine at all. No matter if you choose the fullest flavor, the company promises a more subtle taste that isn’t overwhelming.

Recently, they added a few other new flavors that might be appealing to those with more eclectic tastes. Some of these include pineapple and cinnamon flavors.

You can find many user reviews for SmokeTip at The site also features reviews and testimonials for many other brands.

Yes, it’s worth looking into the this brand because of the budget-friendly aspects and the care they give to evolving their product based on trends and customer opinion. They also promote heavily on social media where you can interact with them.


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