When I’m feeling blu …

Just kidding! So I have been vaping my blu cig for about 5 days now and have not touched my Camel cigarettes. Actually not true, I thought away my open pack of Camels.

Do I feel better? I don’t know … I am happy that I made the switch. I can not imaging why an electronic cigarette would be worse than all the bad stuff that we know about in tobacco cigs.

I keep one battery charging all the time while the other one is in use. I don’t want to be powerless! So far I only used one cartridge. So basically I am on my second one.


My Blu Cig Arrived

As you know I ordered a blu cig starter kit and I guess it is very popular because it was on backorder. So finally after little more than 2 weeks I got it. And here is how it looks like:

It is just a little larger than a regular cigarette and a little heavier as well. It comes with the atomizer, cartridges, two batteries, and a little pack that looks like a cigarette pack. It can charge your blu cig on the go! Pretty cool!

So I charged it all up and started puffing or vaping as they say as well. It is really kinds fun and I promised to myself to never go back to those sticky Camel cigarettes! Why would anyone name a cigarette brand Camel in the first place???

My new little gadget gives me a pretty good throat hit and now I actually puff it in front of my computer. But wait, should I really do that? I don’t want to smoke more. Ok, discipline: let’s continue to smoke (sorry vape!) outside. I get fresh air, a little walk, and time away from my computer!

More to come …

What is the Blu Electronic Cigarette …

I recently met my buddy Jeff and he showed me his new electronic cigarette. I was like “what”!?! He showed me how he inhaled through that little thing and exhaled vapor. Of course I tried it right away and was very impressed. He explained it all to me.


The blu cig consists of a cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery. When you inhale then the atomizer powered by the battery heats and vaporizers the nicotine solution stored in the cartridge. You basically inhale water vapor containing nicotine. But you don’t get all the tobacco and tar stuff. And guess what: no smell, no lingering odor! How awesome it that.

So I decided to set up this blog and write about it. OK, I need to order my blu cig now.